Learning Team Issues in Cross-Cultural Psychology Presentation

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Prepare a 10- to 12-Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide presentation examining at least two emerging issues (e.g. immigration, child abuse, terrorism, globalization, etc.) in cross-cultural psychology. Discuss the application of cross-cultural psychology to other disciplines outside of psychology (e.g. healthcare, law, religion, education, business, etc.) Use at least 3 scholarly sources dated within the past 5 years.

  my portion is on the issue of sex in cross cultural psychology.

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Learning Team Issues Cross-Cultural Psychology Presentation

Preview: Issues Cross-Cultural ...The full answer is about 6 words long.

Issues_in_Cross_Cultural_Psychology_.pptx (531K)

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Cross Culture Psychology Perspective on Premarital Sex

Preview: complex factors influence our sexual behavior norms. Such as our tendency for independence and identity (Erickson,1968, as cited in Ogunsola,2012), the influence of independent choice, liberal sexual attitude and divergent values ...The full answer is about 1135 words long.

psychology.docx (23K) Preview

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